Mack 10 - let the games begin

Mack 10 left Priority Records after The Paper Route , and his next album, Bang or Ball (2001), was released through Cash Money and Universal Records . His album sales continued to decelerate with his 2003 album, Ghetto, Gutter & Gangsta , which was released through Bungalo Records . [1] In 2005, he released Hustla's Handbook under Capitol Records . The album did significantly better than his previous, peaking at number sixty-five on the Billboard 200—forty places above Ghetto, Gutter & Gangsta . His most recent solo album, Soft White (2009), was released through Fontana Distribution and at number 141, it is his lowest charting album on the Billboard 200.

Eventually, his partner went rogue, so he and Agent Coulson pursued her under the leadership of a new Director Jeffrey Mace . But as Lucy Bauer , a woman with ghost-like abilities, wanted to use the Darkhold for her needs, Mackenzie had to join forces with Johnson and Robbie Reyes, the Ghost Rider , to stop her. Mackenzie was temporarily merged with the Spirit of Vengeance . He then helped . to defeat Eli Morrow , which led to the renewal of his relationship with Elena Rodriguez . Following Holden Radcliffe 's betrayal on ., Mackenzie was kidnapped and his mind was put inside the Framework , a virtual reality where he lived a rewritten life with his long dead daughter . Despite Johnson and Jemma Simmons ' efforts to bring him back to the real world, Mackenzie decided to stay with his daughter in the Framework. However, when the Framework started deleting itself, including his daughter, a grieving Mackenzie followed Rodriguez back to the real world.

Mack 10 - Let The Games BeginMack 10 - Let The Games BeginMack 10 - Let The Games BeginMack 10 - Let The Games Begin